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Dedicated to sharing the story of the men and women of faith who blazed a trail of undenominational Christianity

It is comforting to know that the issues the church faces today have already been fought over, and the Bible prevailed.

Barton W. Stone, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, and many others began from different points of the religious spectrum, but, in a quest for unity, strove to achieve the “oneness” Jesus longed for and which He demanded His disciples follow.

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The Restoration Foundation

We are a non-profit, tax exempt entity whose mission is to share the history of the churches of Christ. We have been sharing this vital information with congregations since the 1970s.

Restoration Sunday

Theme: The early beginnings of what is called the “Restoration Movement” in America.

Proposed Schedule:

Adult morning class: “The Plea to Restore”

Morning worship: “Is the Plea Valid?”

Evening worship: “The Story of the Restoration”

James Vinzant

Ministry: Sharing the Old Story of Jesus and His love

Experience: 40+ years preaching

Education: Abilene Christian University

Family: Wife, Dottie Vinzant; Children, Jamie Weatherall and Jonathan Vinzant

Travel: Israel (multiple trips), Russia, China, Brazil, Europe

Hobbies/Interests: Restoration History, Fort Worth History, Piloting small airplanes, Chamber of Commerce